Cruise And Sea

While there are many companies in the Myrtle Beach area that offer different types of cruises, there are still, of course, some that stand out from the group. These are the popular boat trips in Myrtle Beach that you should check. All cruise offerings vary according to what the interests of the visitors are, so of course the budget is allocated for this activity.

One of the most popular cruise is definitely something you should not miss is the Sea Screamer Cruise! It differs from all others in the sense that it was just a normal boat ride here, but a speedboat. Yes, a speedboat! Sea Screamer makes your cruise to ten times more exciting, available for all ages.

The Sea Screamer is currently the world’s largest speedboat. It has three scheduled cruises daily at 12 pm, 2 pm and 4 PMEL trip takes about an hour at full speed in the Intracoastal Waterway before going to the beach and increased the beaches of a wet and wild-experience of its kind! This is definitely a family bonding experience exciting and unforgettable. If you are going to be part of this cruise, we recommend that you use a bathing suit or very casual clothes, and surely will be wet while the boat is super.

The cruise ship Sea Screamer has lots of interesting gifts to offer. Clearwater ensures that the cruise of one hour, you will see dolphins or stained. Otherwise, you are free to ride again! Another exciting Clearwater freebie offered is, if it’s your birthday, you are entitled to a free ride as long as you bring a photo ID! For those of you who are Florida residents can also travel on the Sea Screamer free for Wednesday and Sunday, if you bring a paying guest. Do not forget, but to bring a valid picture identification of Florida to confirm his place of residence.

You are probably wondering how far this exciting journey can cost. Each adult eats $ 22, while children who are 12 years or less are fed $ 17. However, children 4 years and under are allowed to join the cruise for free by an adult capable of them. So that means if you have three children with you who are 4 and later, you must also be 3 adults to join the cruise for free. This will also serve as a safety measure.

The Screamer Sea also offers a sunset cruise from time to time, depending on the discretion of Clearwater. This cruise is undoubtedly perfect for lovers and couples who are out of a vacation getaway to Myrtle Beach. What could be more romantic than spending a cruise with your partner? So book a cruise Tues Screamer Clearwater now, to enjoy and experience driving larger speedboat in the world! Prepare to get wet. It’s definitely something you should not miss!

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