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Backpacker Jobs – Make Money on Your Backpacking Journey

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Traveling across the globe has often been viewed, by the majority, as a luxury affordable only to the rich. This is not true for the backpackers, especially those with a job. Backpackers are travelers that prioritize low-cost international travel.

The idea of backpacking is to spend the least possible money and have the most exotic experience away from home, as most Backpackers could not afford high-end traveling. However, due to the mere fact that Backpackers have to place low-cost at the top of their mind, their trips are usually restricted by the tight budget, as a result they fail to get the most of their travel.

Having said that, there is an effective option for Backpackers to further minimizes their cost and maximizes the fun backpacker jobs. It is now becoming more common for Backpackers to work on their journey.

There are many reasons for Backpackers to work:

To save the cost of trip. Earn extra money to finance the expenses of traveling
Some employers provide free accommodation for backpackers, this help to solve lodging problem. A great opportunity to meet more of the local people as well as other travelers around the world.

Learn more about the culture of the locals. Backpackers would have a more unique experience and exposure when they indulge themselves in the community of the place they are traveling to.

The common jobs Backpacker Jobs are:

Fruit picking. This is especially the case in Australia, south of England and New Zealand.

Bar work. Backpackers could easily find bars hiring in many places from Scotland to the United States of America.

Teaching English.



Hotel work

Backpacker jobs are widespread in many countries like America, United Kingdom, Australia etc., offer jobs specifically to backpackers because of their flexibility of schedule. Depending on which country the Backpacker wants to work, the procedure will differ (eg. Australia only offers Working Holiday Visa once if one wants to work during their vacation, and will be restricted to a regular Tourist Visa the next time).

It is advisable for Backpackers to research thoroughly on their backpacking destination before leaving for their trip to find out the procedure of obtaining the working permit to avoid working illegally, for example, while getting a job in the Europe is easy, there are certain requirements to be satisfied before working, those that do not meet the standard but chose to work regardless of that would be considered as illegal worker and would therefore be deported back to their own country with their own cost.

Michael Lim is a student that has been studying abroad and have travelled to many countries. Traveling has always been his passion but finance forms a limitation to his desire to see the world.

Having said that, he has resort to Backpacking as this is a form of budget traveling affordable for most people, on top of this, he is consistently looking for ways to eliminate money as an obstacle and achieve his dream to travel around the world. The current field and project he is working on is Backpacker Jobs which enables him to finance his trips and at the same time, share his ideas and methods with people of the same interest.

Backpacker Insurance for Gap Year Hazards

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Backpacker insurance for gap year hazards should never be ignored. A gap year adventure should be the most exciting trip that any young person will experience in their lifetime. That first taste of freedom and adventure, where you inevitably hook up with like-minded travellers and make memories and lifetime friends.

In all the excitement and anticipation of the trip it is natural to want to ignore the potential hazards – and with a heap of good luck nothing will go wrong. After all, you have spent many months planning the trip and doing your research…

Many gap year travellers choose popular long-haul destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam, Africa and Australia – all a long way from home. Needless to say, setting off on such a fantastic adventure would be crazy without the peace of mind of a quality Backpacker travel insurance policy tucked in your rucksack. The importance of researching your destination(s) cannot be emphasised strongly enough.

With any luck you will not run into any hazards such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, typhoons or tropical diseases along the way, but with some preparation and knowledge you can be ready to face anything thrown at you.

We always recommend that travellers visit the website of the British Foreign Office for the latest travel advice, and this service is offered for free by most governments. Staying safe and personal security on your travels is always a concern. You’ll need to be aware of the current political situation and potential hazards you could encounter – and, most important, what to do and where to go for help if anything does go wrong.
Personal safety and security is of prime concern, as most countries have problems with pick-pocketing, mugging, drink spiking, and various scams.

Being caught in possession of any illegal drugs or substances can, in some countries, result in very serious charges, imprisonment, and even the death penalty!Read up on the local laws and customs of the country you are visiting and respect their rules and dress codes to avoid trouble. Again, it is important to know that travel insurance is unlikely to cover any claims related to your use or possession of illegal substances or abuse of alcohol.

A cheap backpacker policy automatically covers a range of sporting activities that are considered hazardous. Always check the policy to see what is and is not covered before you set off on your trip. One-off activities like a bungee jump or elephant ride are normally covered.

Most important is to have excellent cover for Medical Expenses – and always check that it includes Repatriation. Falling ill or sustaining an accidental injury while halfway around the world in a remote area could cost many thousands of pounds. You may need to be flown to a neighbouring country for specialised treatment – all very expensive. Without insurance you, or your family will have to foot the bill. Your consulate or embassy is on hand to provide limited help, but they do not pay your bills, and ignorance is no excuse…

One of the biggest problems travellers face is the loss or theft of their passports. This is something normally covered by your travel insurance. The nearest consulate or embassy will help you to obtain a new travel document, but it is not free!

A cheap backpacker policy should also provide cover for things like Mugging, Missed Departure, Scheduled Airline Failure, Hijack, Personal Liability and Legal Expenses. Most Backpacker policies are cheaper because they are ‘light’ on cover for luggage and possessions. There’s no point paying for cover that you do not need.

If you are busy planning your gap year adventure and are under the impression that insurance is unnecessary, or you have not factored the cost into your budget, why not discuss it with your parents or family members. Rather than set off uninsured, ask if they will purchase a policy for you as a farewell gift. They should be motivated to help, because allowing you to travel uninsured may bring them a world of trouble if the worst should happen and you run into hazards while you are on the other side of the world.

The news is full of tragedies of this type all the time – where families suffer hardship and often have to organise fundraisers to find the tens of thousands of pounds needed to fly their loved ones home. The cost of a Backpacker policy is such a small price to pay for peace of mind for you and your family.


A Memorable and Romantic Camping Getaway

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Embarking on a romantic camping getaway is a wonderful idea for a romantic date to those who are nature lovers and adventurous couples, especially those who really adore the great outdoors. Planning an escapade like this is a great way to spend an anniversary date, propose to your future fiance, spend a special occasion or you may just want a relaxing hideaway to relieve your stress from the daily grind of a fast phased urban life.

For sure, couples will want to make their romantic camping retreat to be a memorable one. Bringing the right camping equipment as well having a completely thought out plan are the key elements to achieve the goal of a perfect outdoor getaway. Here is a checklist of reminders in mapping out your plan as well as choosing the right camping gear, supplies and accessories to complement your memorable romantic escapade:

Decide on a cool destination. With your budget in mind, make a research for a great destination of your camping trip. You can check the internet for a potential location. Look for a venue with the amenities that would suit your interests and hobbies as a couple. If you both love water sports, you can check out great beach resorts nearest you that has the facilities and equipment for the fun water activities you love.

If you are a fan of the reality TV show Survivor, you can go trekking and set camp in well known forest trails or go mountain climbing. The sky is the limit as to where you can go as it will really depend on the budget you are allocating for the travel as well as the amount of time you are available to be away from your respective jobs.

Make out some romantic activities. After you have decided where to go, list down a number of special romantic activities you can do aside from the usual activities the location has to offer. Since a romantic atmosphere is already set up for you, it would be wonderful to come up with some amorous bonding activities to make everything extra special and memorable.

Even though you are outdoors, you can still arrange a candlelight dinner complete with a sumptuous charcoal grilled dinner, a bottle of champagne and some flowers on the side. You can also order a symphonic string orchestra to play your favorite love songs. An MP3 player with portable speakers will accomplish that setting. You just have to be passionately creative and the ideas will flow endlessly to create a warm and romantic atmosphere, enjoy your intimate moments together and ultimately result to a memorable camping getaway.

Whip up a fine food menu. The next important thing to remember in planning the travel is food. Plan your meals and snacks menu for the duration of the camping trip. Every meal should be covered with some extra food supply of can goods for emergency purposes so there would be no chance of starving yourselves in the great outdoors. There are easy to prepare and quick cooking recipes that would still taste and appear first-class. Make sure you have sufficient energy giving foodstuff to nourish yourselves since you will need them to sustain the passionate and adventurous activities ahead.

Gear up with the right equipment. After you have decided your destination, come up with a delightful food menu and planned the activities for the entire trip, it is time to make a checklist of the necessary camping equipment, accessories and supplies, which you need to bring depending on what you have planned so far.

This is crucial in the planning process since you have to make sure all bases are covered. It can really spoil the camping trip if you forget a certain equipment, gear or supply but only realize it when you are already at the camping site. Moreover, choose reliable and well-known name brands for your camping gear and equipment to ensure quality and satisfactory performance.

Basic camping stuff you may need to bring would include a quality camping tent, sleeping bags, air mattresses, portable table and chairs, beds and cots, coolers for your foodstuff, portable cooking stove and grill, lanterns and flashlight, utensils and utility knives, as well as other equipment and accessories for your planned outdoor leisure activities. For your safety, bring your mobile phone, compasses and flares, a portable first aid kit in case an emergency situation comes along.

There are specialty stores available that can provide all the equipment and supplies for your camping needs. You can also check the internet websites to find the trusted and reliable brands to ensure you quality and performance. They likewise have the expert staff who can give you advises for your camping getaway.

Dress up to the occasion. Wear the proper clothing attire and shoes depending on the location of the planned getaway. Bring extra clothes, shades, sun block lotions, baseball caps and other clothing paraphernalia which you think are essential – all depending on your destination and the planned activities during the trip. Wearing the right stuff will give you comfort and safety while enjoying all the activities of your outdoor escapade.

Organize well in packing your stuff. After completing an inventory of all the stuff you need to bring for the trip, the next important tip is to smartly pack them in an organized manner, especially the food. Separate the hot food stuff from the cold ones. Plastic or aluminum food keepers are great for your food ingredients and cooked food.

Do not forget to bring along your trusty coolers for your drinking water and cold beverages, packed with enough ice to last the whole journey. You can write on a notepad a list of all your belongings and where you packed them so you will be trouble-free looking around when needed during the trip.

Keep safety and security in mind at all times. Finally and most importantly, employ a culture of safety and security in planning your getaway. Choose a well-known or recognized campsite or trek trail as your destination. Help and assistance will not be far away in case of emergency.

There is a great amount of risk in going to the wild and unrestricted locations. You do not want your romantic escapade to be ruined by an animal attack or any untoward incident. Always keep in mind that a completely thought out plan and a sensible choice of camping equipment are the key elements you need to remember to have a memorable and romantic camping getaway.

Family Camping – Essential Things to Carry

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When going for family camping you must carry along your camping stuff. There are many things you can carry to the venue. The materials you carry along will differ depending on the venue you chose for camping, the type of camping conveniences around and the weather. For kayaking, backpacking and canoe camping or any other form of camping that requires gear weight, consider some of the lightweight packing ideas suggested below.

Bed-covers and other bedding requirements should come first in your check list. Normally, you will need a sleeping bag and a canvas for the ground. However, for family camp excursions you will require properly sized tents, a stake puller and a hammer.

Remember also to carry extra tent stakes. You can use tarpaulins that are a bit larger than your tent’s floor so as to cover it in avoiding dust from entering into the tent. If you wish to keep the tent tidy and clean you can carry a small mat and a broom.

There are many choices available when selecting sleeping or bedding material. For instance, you can try camp pads such as Coleman Rest Easy pad or air mattresses, pillows, sleeping bags and blankets. A Coleman shelter will keep you away from high temperatures and dust.

Another important thing that you need in your checklist is the clothes you will wear. Obviously the weather will determine the garments you carry for family camping. The activities will also determine the type of clothes you carry along. If your trip is just for the weekend you will carry about three sets of clothes, a rain gear, a sweatshirt, a jacket and something to sleep in.

If you want to go hiking you can carry long pants, socks and a pair of hiking shoes. For swimming or any other water related activities don’t forget to carry your headgear, swimsuit and a pair of sandals that you can put on at the beach. If your trip is long you can make use of laundry services at the campsite. This allows you to carry many clothes with you.

It is necessary that you maintain high levels of hygiene at the camping trip. Therefore, ensure that you carry toiletries with you. Keep the toiletries in waterproof cans in case of any conveniences by your campsite or carry at least one of the many types of Coleman camp showers. Carry washing and bathing soaps, dental care products and other first aid medicine and equipment.

The family camping stuff can be packed in rugged duffel bags or rubber totes. The heavy luggage problem can be simplified if everyone packs his or her own tote and shower bag. Beach toys, swimsuits and rain materials should be packed in a different bag because they are rarely used.

Family camping can be successful only if you carry the correct camping stuff. You can also use a laundry bag to separate clean clothes from the unclean.

Backpacking Guide to Cuba

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Cuba is alleged to be a country at a crossroads; and with the recent rate of change travelers would be wise to visit the nation before its romanticized past becomes the stuff of memories. With an abundance of things to see and do, the country is a popular destination for budget travelers led by a sense of adventure.


Discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, the Caribbean island of Cuba enjoys an enchanting history now centered upon the life of famous revolutionary Che Guevera and the reign of Fidel Castro.

Both the museum at Santa Clara and Havana’s Museo de la Revolucion provide a background for those seeking to understand modern day Cuba. Situated nearby is the Granma cabin cruiser, in which Castro and Che nearly drowned in 1956.

Elsewhere in Cuba, attractions include the cultural city of Santiago and the spectacular beauty of stalactites and stalagmites in the caves of Pinar del Rio. Havana’s oldest fort is also a sight that should not be missed and simple pleasures such as a casual stroll along the El Malecon seawall and a guided tour of the Havana Club Rum Factory will illuminate any backpacking holiday.

Food and Drink

Cuban food is a cacophony of Caribbean, Spanish and African influences with black beans, rice, pork and plantains featuring heavily in the local diet. Criollo or creole food is served in a paladere, or private dwelling, and offers travelers an inexpensive and authentic dining experience. Restaurants owned by the government are significantly more expensive and the staff often depend on tips for wages.

Cuban bars are always lively and serve speciality rum cocktails such as the mojito and Cuba Libre. Venues often provide great live music with Cubans never needing an excuse to reach for the guitar and enter into spontaneous song. Those who make it to Santiago should not miss performances of son cubano, a unique style of music originating in Cuba and the inspiration for salsa, at the Casa de la Trova.

Where To Stay

For the complete Cuban experience, stay in Cuba hostels, or casas particulares, which are private hotels adapted for travelers and backpackers. Havana hostels usually consist of a room in a private home. This kind of accommodation is abundant and of good value with prices varying depending on facilities and location. As food and other services are likely to cost extra, so backpackers with a very tight budget should ensure they ask about these prices on arrival.

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