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A Christmas Vacation for the Family (Ideal Places to Go To)

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Christmas Vacation Ideas for the Work at Home Dad

In countries like the Philippines, the yuletide season extends from the beginning of October all the way to January the following year. Quite different from western traditions, don’t you think so? But no matter which part of the world you are, if you believe in Christmas, then you know that this is perhaps one of the most celebrated holidays in the world of Christianity.

Well, the way people celebrate this holiday season may vary between each family and individual. This doesn’t mean, though, that we can’t get excited this early for the coming of the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is really fast approaching when October sets in and November is just around the corner.

With Christmas about to knock on our doors, I am fairly certain that there are some of you who are already cooking up plans for the coming holidays. Having said that, there are amazing vacation destinations that you may want to consider for your family. Depending on your budget, there are specific locations that are perfect for a family vacation that you certainly won’t soon forget, whether you and your family are aiming for a tropical or a white Christmas.

If you and your family are accustomed to a snowy white Christmas, then it would be perfectly logical to seek a more tropical theme this time around, don’t you agree? Tropical family vacation destinations are quite popular these days, especially among those who are tired of the stereotypical white Christmas that the late Bing Crosby made famous in his hit single of the same name. You can forget about wearing winter clothes, mittens, wooly scarves and bonnets, and go instead for your shades, sunscreen, and snorkeling gear.

Tropical destinations that are close to the coastlines are popular among many vacationers who are looking for that beautiful beach ambiance. The world class beaches and resorts in Australia, Florida, Hawaii, and the Caribbean are particularly among the favorites.

They offer affordable packages that include first-rate hotels and lodging, fine dining and exotic restaurants, as well as memorable and fun activities that you and your family will definitely enjoy. If you think about it, getting this family vacation package is actually an awesome Christmas present, and one that you all absolutely deserve.

On the other side of the isle, people who have been spending a winterless Christmas for the most part of their lives may want to consider a white Christmas themselves. You can book a trip for your family to stay in mountainous vacation spots for the holiday season, where the stimulating aroma of pine trees, the serene view of white capped mountains, and the crackling sound of the fireplace will engulf you in white Christmas bliss.

You, your spouse, and the kids can enjoy a day of skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobile riding. And if you want a more intimate holiday experience with your family, you can choose to rent cabins where you can share hot cocoa and slightly burnt marshmallows. It would be nice to be free of all the electronic gadgets, wireless communications devices and entertainment consoles that take up most of our time, don’t you think so?

If you are on a tight budget, getting a family vacation for the yuletide season doesn’t have to be an all-out spending spectacle. If you want to experience a white Christmas, you can swap houses, or trade places, with close friends or relatives who want to experience a sunny Christmas of their own.

You do not have to spend much to experience a memorable Christmas. The most important thing is that you are spending it with family and friends. That we can all agree on, right?

Ideas for a Christmas Vacation in France

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Spending Christmas in France looks like a great idea, no matter if you are planning a romantic getaway or a family vacation. Nicely decorated cities, scenic locations, great wine, delicious cuisine, exciting opportunities for outdoor activities, well preserved traditions, charming Christmas markets and lots of things to do are waiting for you. Here are a few ideas of Christmas vacations in France.

Christmas in Avignon

Provencal traditions say that Christmas holiday season lasts 40 days. Therefore, you have more than a month to enjoy the festive mood that seizes the whole religion, to stroll through beautiful Christmas markets, hunting for souvenirs, to taste at least some of the 13 traditional Christmas deserts, and to drink some mulled French wine. If you are traveling with kids, they will certainly love the Christmas parades, the folk art workshops and the traditional dances.

Christmas in Lyon

Some say that it’s better than Paris. Without agreeing or disagreeing, we can say that Lyon is just perfect for a family Christmas vacation. The city lights are almost as exciting as the shows put on in the City of Lights. The Christmas market in Carnot Square will simply seduce you. Open air skating rinks, traditional shows and a much quieter atmosphere is waiting for your in Lyon.

Christmas in Arles

Every year the Funny Christmas Festival (Drôles de Noëls) seizes this Southern French town and fills its street with a festive atmosphere. If you want to be a part of these celebrations, Arles is the place where to spend your Christmas vacation. Tens of performances, music shows and other types of events will make the joy of all members of your family. What more would you want from a Christmas vacation? This holiday is dedicated to families and this is what Arles offers.

Christmas in Alsace

This French region famous for its wine production and wine tasting tours is the perfect choice for all those who want to discover the magic of this holiday and the Alsacian Christmas traditions. In Strasbourg, you can discover the oldest Christmas market in France. If you choose Mullhouse or Colmar, you will also have your share of twinkling lights and carols singing.

Christmas in Paris

Last, but not least, the French capital is the heart choice of romantic couples. However, with ice skating rinks scattered throughout the city and special events organized especially for the little ones at Disneyland Resort, you will find lots of things to do in Paris during your Christmas vacation.

Cheap Mexico Beachfront Lots – Invest in the World’s Tourism Leader

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When buyers consider cheap Mexico beachfront lots in up-and-coming tourism areas, much can be said about the lifestyle investment, and living in a beautiful home, on a large lot directly next to the soft sand of one of Mexico’s splendid beaches.

While these points are completely valid, there’s also another very important factor to consider; Mexico’s tourism is currently emerging as a world leader in the industry and investment in real estate that’s related to this growth offers very high potential for return.

Consider the following points:

Mexico is focusing all its energy on tourism growth

2011 marked the beginning of a new era for Mexico’s tourism when President Felipe Calderon signed the National Tourism Agreement. This is an agreement between the federal government and the 31 states that each government will make decisions, policies and public investments based on the primary goal of increasing tourism. This creates a very good likelihood that new tourism areas will begin to grow and gain popularity even more quickly.

Within a decade, the country will be in the world’s top 5

The purpose of the National Tourism Agreement is to bring Mexico into to the world’s top 5 nations within the decade. As of the beginning of 2011, Mexico was positioned #8. This means large investment and promotion in order to beat out some stiff competition. As of early 2012, Mexico was showing that it was up to the task, with a year of heavy investment and promotion, greatly increased private sector investment, and significantly growing tourism numbers.

Undiscovered real estate areas are already gaining international attention

As Mexico continues to grow, new beachfront areas will begin catching the attention of international tourists. Mexico has excellent beachfront areas that are surrounded by beautiful nature, near Mayan ruins and charming, well-kept up colonial cities. Because of Mexico’s economic strength over the past decade or two, there are also good roads offering direct access, phone service, high-speed internet and nearby international airports. Stores like Walmart and state-of-the-art hospitals are located in cities that currently seem out of the way and unnoticed.

Any real estate on the beach will likely soon be in high-demand

As more tourists notice these areas, there will be demand both to rent and to buy real estate on the beachfront. People who buy cheap Mexico beachfront lots and build now may be investing as little as $150,000 USD when all is said and done (lot, building, etc.) We all know how much beachfront homes are going for even in less expensive tourist areas.

So, besides a relaxing life on the beach, all indications point to a very good investment. What we have to wonder now is, what are people waiting for?; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; “Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!”Region: Playa del Carmen real estate Thomas Lloyd graduated from Purdue University Krannert School of Management with a degree in Management/Financial Option Investments.He has been living, investing, and working professionally in Mexico for over 15 years.A Mexican Certified Realtor he is the current president of TOPmexicorealestate.

Backpacking South America Guide Reviews

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These days, you can get almost all the information you need from the internet. So why would you waste space carrying around a huge guide when you are backpacking South America? First of all, a guide is great resource to have even before you travel! Use it to plan your trip, and keep it on your nightboard to keep you motivated while you are saving up money for your adventure.

Second, the guide is always a great backup to have in situations where internet or other resources aren’t available. How much should you pay for a taxi from the airport to the city? Where is there a hostel in this god-forsaken town where I am the only English speaking person in miles range? It’s always a good thing to have a guide as backup, even though you might not use it every day!

There are loads upon loads of guides for backpacking in South America. Some cover the whole continent, others cover only countries, cities or islands in greater detail. What kind of book you should buy depends on how your trip is laid out. Are you planning to stay in only one country? Or only one city? Or are you planning to do the whole caboodle? If you are planning to do a large trip covering more than one country.

I would advise you to only bring a “bible” guide that covers it all. Carrying around too many books will take up to match space and bring a heavy load on your back. There are mainly 3 Guides that are recognized as backpack south America bibles.

Lonely planet – South America on a Shoestring:

South America on a shoestring is definitely the most popular book to bring to South America, and also that book that goes as “the bible”. The book covers the whole South America with information on everything from big attractions to restaurants in a small outback town. Lonely planet books are known to be very good on accommodation, restaurants, things to do, and so forth.

Drawbacks are that the book gets a bit dry with only text and no pictures, and also the historical and details on locations can be a bit thin. Still this Is one of the better books on South America, and the book you will see the majority of people are carrying around.

Rough Guide to South America on a Budget:

The rough guides are the new modernized version of Lonely Planet. While Lonely Planet focus on pure quality information, Rough Guides are heavier on readability and visual enjoyment. The positive sides with RG are the Top-todo lists for countries, inspiring pictures and good detailed historical and guide information to places. Negatives are that it lacks some on the resource side. Many of the listings seem to be outdated, and hostels/restaurants might be closed down or moved. Rough Guides are a very good book for those who prefer visual reading enjoyment and good background and historical information.

Footprint South America Guide:

Footprint is the old dog in this competition. Back in the 70s; Footprint were topping all the travel guide lists. After a few years in the dark, they are now fighting to regain their position as top dog. And the new 2010 edition surely is a new good breeze, however it still has a few important flaws. Footprints new book is heavy on good detailed information on all the major places and in many cases it also covers the minor cities in much greater detail then the other two.

Footprints major drawbacks are some unnecessary mistakes that should have been fixed before publication. Many of the maps are incorrect and some of the basic resource sections are outdated. They have done a good job fixing up many of the mistakes in the new 2010 edition. This book is in many cases better than the two others, especially on information on places and attractions, however the book still has some flaws, especially on maps and locations that need to be fixed for this book to be top notch again.

When you are going to pick out the book that fits you the best, you should really consider what you will be using the book for. Are you planning to only use it as resource for restaurants, hostels and directions? Or do you also like to read information about cities, countries and so on.

Figure out what you want and pick the guide that fits you the best. And last, if you are planning to backpack South America in the near future, you can never buy your guide early enough. Once you buy it you are one step closer to your dream of backpacking around South America!

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