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An Enchanting Adventure Vacation in Fiji

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Fiji is one of the most enchanting and romantic places in world that is why it has also become a favorite adventure vacation destination. Also called as the “Republic of the Fiji Islands,” this island nation has become quite popular to people who would want to getaway from the toxicities of the suburbia and enjoy a once in a lifetime adventure.

A country that occupies an archipelago of about 333 islands, Fiji has become a favorite romantic and adventure vacation because of its beautiful islets and surroundings. Its two major islands—Viti Levu and Vanua Levu—ensures that people who will be coming in for an adventure vacation will relish their trip because they will be given ultimate pampering from the nature.

Loving Fiji as a vacation destination

Fiji is indeed perfect for people with adventurous souls and for those who see ultimate romance, relaxation, cultural immersion, cruising the sea, or extreme eco-tourism escapade.

For a person to be given a chance to discover the islands of Fiji, he or she is one lucky individual! This is because you will be provided a vacation that is packed with breath taking attractions and unique experiential opportunity. Aside from providing a wide array of activities, you can also cleanse your mind and spirit and reflect.

If you go on a vacation in Fiji, no amount of time will be wasted because you can do almost everything and anything under the sun. Here, you can sizzle with excitement and adventure or you can just relax while enjoying such an untouched nature. You can also have fun while swimming with manta rays without worries, enjoy snorkeling, or get into scuba diving at the White Wall and the famous Astrolabe Reef.

The place never fails to draw people who are adventurous and nature lovers because it has rich rainforests that have are not harmful animals or insects. The place also offers a sacred sanctuary to people who are into nature because they can enjoy serene contemplation without worrying about their safety. Nature lovers will also enjoy multi-colored birds that invade the trees and the sky and various bodies of water like streams and waterfalls that are clean and very invigorating.

The place also offers a year-round warm weather that can make you enjoy the sandy beaches, pristine blue waters, lovely coral reefs and thrilling high waves. You will also enjoy the ultimate Fiji dining that offers multiethnic culinary experience and shopping that will make you discover unique cultural and historical artifacts as well as cheap gift and souvenir items.

Aside from the breath taking sights, adventurous sports activities, unique dining and shopping experience in Fiji, it is also becoming a popular romantic destination. More and more people choose Fiij as a venue for their weddings and honeymoons because of its exotic environment. If you plan to do your wedding in Fiji, you can opt for modern international resorts or smaller venue in islands that will allow your dream wedding in a tropical paradise.

What makes Fiji an ultimate adventure vacation destination it gives people a chance to try and enjoy a wide array of sporting events and activities. Known to offer a diversity of sports, Fiji will let you experience sports that involve the sea, the air and the land. Sporting activities include scuba diving, sky diving, badminton, beach volleyball, golf, surfing, cruising, and many more.

A One of a Kind Experience in Vietnam

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Beach and nature worshippers would definitely enjoy an adventure vacation to Phu Quoc in Vietnam. This is because the place can be considered as a paradise to those who love bonding with nature—whether enjoying glorious beaches or just simply seeing and discovering the beauty that the environment has to offer— Phu Quoc will surely take your breath away.

Although Phu Quoc is a territorial property of Vietnam, its location is nearer to Cambodia compared to the mainland of Vietnam. Originally famous for being an island where all sorts of fish and other seafood have originated, Phu Quoc was able to reinvent itself and now popular as an awesome paradise in Vietnam.

What is truly exciting about this place is its an pristine deserted beaches perfect for countless of water activities such as scuba diving. It also features a wide array of jungle habitats and fishing villages that is truly unique to Vietnam. To date, there are less than a hundred mountains that are considered as primitive forests. People are still allowed to use the natural waterfalls but majority them are protected to ensure that they would not be polluted.

To give its visitors a glimpse of what Phu Quoc has to offer, 20 percent of the island was designated as a national park. And despite the commercialization and modernization that continues to take place, it will be surprising to find out that the island remains as beautiful and unadulterated.

However, before finally deciding to Phu Quoc, you should familiarize yourself with the place first. You can do this by conducting a simple research either through online sites that offer information on the place or by reading up on various travel books and magazines what you need to know about it. Conducting a research is very vital to the success of your vacation because it will give you an idea what to do, where to go, and what to expect from the adventure vacation destination.

When you conduct a research, make sure that you include means of getting there, places to stay and accommodation, when is the best time to go, food options, and the activities that you can do.

1. Getting there. This is a very important past of any successful adventure vacation because it gives you a good head start. Getting to Phu Quoc is possible via air and water travel. If you prefer to travel by water, there are ferries available for you from Rach Gia (mainland) and Ann Thoi (south coast) or between Ha Tien and Ham Ninh (central east coast). You can also travel via air by flying in Los Angeles to Ho Chi Minh City and off to Vietnam.

2. Accommodations and places to stay. This is also very important because it will give you an idea how much you need to spare aside from your travel expenses. You can choose from Saigon Phu Quoc Resort and Spa, which is a four-star hotel or the Mango Bay Resort at Ong Lang Beach with earthen bungalows. The prices of which range from inexpensive to moderately expensive.

3. Best time to go. One of the nicest things about Phu Quoc is that is has an incredible all-year round climate. But, if you want to enjoy the best seasons, go there on an adventure vacation from November to May (west coast) or May to September (east coast). Since the places is great for outdoor activities, avoid going there during the October rainy season.

Off on an Adventure Vacation in Australia

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The Kangaroo Island in Australia is one of the most preferred adventure vacation sites in the country. This is because the place offers wonderful scenery of nature and offers a peek into indigenous wildlife in the area. The place has also become popular for providing access to a close encounter with the flora and fauna unique to Australia.

Aside from amazing Australian fauna, the Kangaroo Island also offers a rare opportunity to walk through immense colonies of fairy penguins and sea lions, kangaroos that are visible in the hills and fields. If you are lucky enough, you can even see koalas munching eucalyptus leaves that you can only see in wildlife channels. People who love seeing animals on the wild such as wallabies, possums, bandicoots, bats, frogs, native birds, and goannas will also enjoy the exhilarating trip.

Ultimate nature trip

The Kangaroo Island is located at the southern coast of South Australia. Although hidden in the rugged coast, the island can be easily accessed for something that is isolated. Considered as an eco-tourism destination, not all people get a chance to discover the place because the government prefers that it remains a semi-tourist destination site. This is to keep the place clean and friendlier to animals that thrive there.

Although it is not as commercialized as other adventure vacation destinations out there, people who are up for the excitement of encountering wildlife will surely like the place. People who are into magnificent landscapes, amazing caves filled with limestone, and great rock formations will surely insist on coming back to the place in the future.

For those who are planning to go on an adventure vacation to Kangaroo Island, here are some of the things that they should consider before finalizing their trip.

1. Number of people who will go on the trip. This is very important to ensure that everything will be provided for individual needs of the people going there. Knowing how many will go on the trip will somehow give you an idea what to prepare and what to do upon getting there. The number of people who will go on the trip will also help you plan your budget and the entire trip as well.

2. The length of stay. This is very important because the length of your stay will give you an idea how many items to bring during your trip. It will also determine the budget that you have to prepare and fix your schedule while you are on your adventure vacation trip.

3. The activities that can be done. There are countless of activities that can be done in Kangaroo Island. Most of which are inclined to discovering and rediscovering the nature. If you will go there, conduct a simple research of the things that can be done and choose from them. Choose those activities that are inclined with your interests and of the people included in the group.

4. Means of getting there. This is very important because you can plan your budget up ahead. The available means of getting to Kangaroo Island is via ferry that can last from 45 minutes to an hour from Cape Jervis located at the tip of Australian mainland in the south, approximately 70 miles from Adelaide and via air travel which usually takes from 20 to 30 minutes from Adelaide.

5. The available options for staying during the adventure vacation. Since it is an isolated island, there are few options to stay at the Kangaroo Island. In fact, there are only two decent places to stay including the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat found at the Flinders Chase National Park and the Southern Ocean Lodge found in Hanson Bay.

The prices of the accommodations range from moderately expensive to very expensive.

Preparing for an Adventure Vacation in Slovenia

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If you are up to an adventure vacation that is truly memorable, try going to Piran in Slovenia. The charming town can be reached for only two hours if you are coming from Venice. Compared to other places nearby, Piran is considered as one of the most interesting because it hasn’t been changed by modernization a lot. Although there are existent commercial establishments, the beauty of the town has more or less remained the same since medieval times.

Before finalizing your adventure vacation in Piran in Slovenia, there are so many things that you need to prepare.

Getting to Piran is one of the major considerations for your trip. In order to be prepared in going there, you must know what are the available means of transportation that you can use. There are basically three modes of traveling off to Piran. One is getting there by land using a train from Koper. Another is through ferry travel from Venice or from other coastal cities located at the northern Adriatic. You can also travel via air through a charter flight from the regional airport at the Portoroz or a flight from Trieste to Rome from New York and Chicago.

Staying in Piran is also one of the things that you need to consider because this will entail your safety as well as of your belongings. The most popular places to stay include the Hotel Tartini located at the main square or at the Max Hotel inside an early 18th-century building.

You also need to prepare your timetable including the date you wish to go there and the length of your stay. One week is ideal to visit all the places in Piran as well as its neighboring places. It is advisable to go there during the summer months of June to August because of the warm Mediterranean climate. (TIP: Try traveling in late spring or early fall to have cheaper prices and accommodations.)

Discovering a great medieval city

One great thing in Piran is that you can see and enjoy the sights and activities that can be found in its nearby cities like Dubrovnik or in some other places in Italy or Croatia, only that you don’t have to spend so much money. This is because Piran offers one of the lowest costs to tourists in terms of places to stay, food, amenities, basic items, and other necessities.

Piran can be considered as one of the most relaxing places for an adventure vacation because it stimulates adrenaline rush just by looking and walking through wonderful places that remind of the medieval times. Aside from the great architecture that can be seen surrounding the place, one of the things that is really exciting about this place is that it will give you an opportunity to peek into other neighboring islands and towns.

As early as the 7th century, people from all over were amazed by the charm of this place. And since it has been under the Venice rule for 500 years, many parts of the city reflect strong influences of colonialism.

What makes this city an ideal adventure vacation spot is its being a ‘walking city.’ People can just walk around the place for sightseeing, discovering street food, and observing the lifestyle of the locals. Encircled by narrow cobblestone streets, you can always find an activity to enjoy or a place to discover.

Having locals that are naturally friendly and accommodating, you would not find yourself bored for even just one minute. Walking through the city can open you up to many possibilities like discovering a nice local restaurant, a lovely coffee shop or can even give you a glimpse of the local culture as shown in the activities held at the town square.

If you are up for a more thrilling adventure vacation, you can visit the Venetian-style campanile sitting atop a hill that allow you have magnificent views of Croatia and Italy or drive around and discover the beauty of the Trieste, Pula and Opatija or the Triglav National Park.

If you still have free time, visit Venice by catching a quick ferry or roam around and visit several vineyards and wineries nearby.

The Ultimate Adventure Vacation in France

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Many people who go on a vacation in France go straight to Paris without realizing that there equally interesting places in the country. One of which is called ‘Rodez’ a perfect adventure vacation destination. The place is a charming, medieval town that can be found in the Midi-Pyrénées’ Aveyron region, southwestern of France.

Rodez is considered as a regional capital but not attracting so many tourists because there is fewer boosts in commercialization. However, for those who are into adventure and exploration a place that is rich in culture and history, Rodez is an ideal place because it will satisfy the need for a venue that is quite but relaxing.

One of the things that are unique to Rodez is the monuments made of stone that surround the countryside. It is also equally furnished with very rich architecture that includes churches, abbeys, menhirs, fortresses, dolmen tombs, and medieval castles brought about by the settling of the Romans as early as the 1st century BC, and the presence of the Knights Templar at the early Middle Ages.

What is truly charming about the place is that it is originally located above a river. The presence of red sandstone Cathedrale Notre Dame which is one of the first Gothic buildings in Southern France and also considered as a French architectural icon also makes the place very interesting for history lovers.

For those who have an eye for photography and architecture, visiting the two main town squares—the Place de la Cite and the Place du Bourg is a must. The construction of the two make them very interesting because they are linked using a network of medieval streets that are lined up with buildings made of stone, historic alleyways and Gothic wall art and other masterpieces made from 10 to the 14th century.

To make the adventure vacation complete in Rodez, don’t forget to visit the 17th century Episcopal Palace, the Romanesque church of St. Amans, the Renaissance hotel, and the ruins of a Roman amphitheatre as well as the Roman aqueduct.

Things to consider

To ensure that you will enjoy the ultimate adventure vacation trip, you must know very well what are the things that you should pay attention to. Here are some of the things that you should very well keep in mind before going on an adventure vacation in Rodez, France:

1. Time you are planning to go. This is very important because it will entail the other details of your trip. If you want to know which month is the safest to go, conduct a simple research about the place first. It is up to you to choose which part of the year is convenient for your schedule as well of the others who will go on the trip.

Although any time within the year has its own activities to offer, some who already went there prefer fall and spring because these provides the most beautiful scenery of the place.

2. People who will you go with. This is also significant because they will play a huge role in your entire trip. If you are planning to go an adventure vacation in Rodez, make sure that you invite those whom you can share the same interests and inclination.

Rodez is not a matter of acquired taste; it is a must that people who will go there are into history and enjoying serene medieval places to enjoy the vacation.

The Northern Lights: Iceland’s Natural Spectacle

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In the larger scope of Northern European countries, Iceland can often be somewhat overlooked. Tucked away ‘in the corner’ and lacking the glamorous profile of neighbours such as Sweden and Finland, the island with the deceptive name – it is mostly green – therefore attracts a smaller amount of tourists than the rest of Northern Europe and Scandinavia.

That is not to say, however, that the country lacks charm, or is devoid of attractions in its own right. Much to the contrary! As anyone who has travelled across the further regions of Northern Europe will attest to, one of the world’s most impressive natural phenomenon can be witnessed in this country: the world-renowned Northern Lights. Iceland is one of the few countries far enough north to allow tourists the privilege of experiencing this dazzling natural light show, and it is definitely one of the strongest arguments in favour of visiting this spectacular location – although, in fact, there are plenty more.

Nature’s Light Show

Speak to any keen traveller and chances are they will have heard of, but never actually seen, the Northern Lights. Iceland is, as mentioned above, one of the few countries from which this phenomenon can be experienced – alongside Canada, Finland, and certain other parts of Scandinavia – so unless a traveller has forayed into these specific locations, the Lights often remain a dream rather than a reality.

Taking place primarily in autumn/winter, this is a phenomenon not to be missed by tourists planning to visit the Arctic regions at that time of year. Those that are lucky enough to witness nature’s light show first hand are unlikely to ever forget it – seeing the lights is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that strongly affects the viewer.

Many people may not actually be aware of what exactly causes this fascinating phenomenon, and while it seems otherworldly, there is actually an easy to understand explanation. Also called the Aurora Borealis, the Arctic Circle’s main attraction is caused by a meeting of electrically charged particles emanating from the sun. The Earth’s poles, with their magnetic pull, attract these particles towards the ground, and as they come into contact with the different types of gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, they gradually change colour to create the Northern Lights. Iceland is one of the best places to view the lights and tourists and science aficionados visit each year to witness it in person.

Nor is undertaking this endeavour as hard or costly as it once was. While not so long ago it would take considerable expenses and careful planning to be able to see the Northern Lights, Iceland and the rest of Scandinavia are now closer than ever, thanks to excellent specialised tours companies, which are dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience. There’s now no excuse for anyone to miss out on seeing this unforgettable phenomenon first hand.

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Top Five Holiday Spots in the United States

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United States is the most watched and most desirable country in the world. Everyone dreams of an excellent holiday time in the United States. To mark the best holiday spots in the United States, you will find many articles on the internet, but none of them will lead to your most desired destination. So, to give you a solution to this problem, I have prepared an article that will not only provide you with the best holiday spots, but also will give you a clear insight of those places as well. Here is the must go list of the best holiday spots.

New York City, New York

Though New York City is the costliest city of all, but it also represents the most iconic status among many other states of U.S. The reason behind this recognition is that New York City is full of energy and vibe with culture, restaurants, shopping, sports, history are to be found in abundance. This can be the sole reason for you to go for a holiday there. In addition, it boasts some of the most well-known establishment in the form of Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Statue of Liberty, and Empire State Building. So, you will not be short of options for sightseeing of the city.

Chicago, Illinois

For food and history lovers there is no other best place than Chicago, Illinois because this city has many historical monuments and boasts some of the best restaurants as well. So, you can definitely plan your Holiday here and when you will come to this city you must take an architectural-history tour. Besides, you can dine at the Alinea (the most famous molecular-gastronomy restaurant in the U.S.). Additionally, don’t forget to visit the biggest science museum in the Western Hemisphere and the museum of Science and Industry.

San Francisco, California

Although San Francisco, California has many fogs in its weather, it is still among the best holiday spots in the United States. In the daytime, you can enjoy while discovering the Fisherman’s Wharf and the Aquarium of the Bay. This is not the end as you will be able to ride a cable car along with the opportunity of strolling around the Presidio. In the night, you shall be intrigued if you have a smack at the Michelin-starred restaurant or a small place in Chinatown. You can hover around the best clubs on the west coast region as well. So this city is certain for a memorable holiday.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada Yes! We are talking about the most glamorous states of U.S. where millions of tourists come and have a crack at what’s on offer. There are so many exciting hotels with world-class amenities. Furthermore, this city has many casinos and restaurants that will pop up in the mind of Holiday seekers. In addition, the nightlife in this great city is always jaw dropping with many lights and buzz of the casinos. So it is very normal that this city will be top choice for many travelers and tourists for a holiday.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The unofficial mottos of New Orleans, Louisiana are ‘laisser les bon temps rouler’, or ‘let the good times roll’ and they represent the Southern hospitality of this city. If I talk about it more, I would suggest you to take a tour to the graceful Garden district or you can roam in a jazz club as well. What’s more, the dining option at the Commanders Palace will be a pleasant choice and the crowds of the Bourbon Street will count as bonus to provide you a best holiday experience.

After reading out the article, I can say that you know where to go for a holiday in the United States. Therefore, don’t waste any time, just pack your belongings and travel to the favorite spots in the U.S. for a memorable and value added holiday.

3 Of The Best Places To Live In China

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China receives thousands of visitors every year. If you will be travelling to the country in the near future, here are three of the best places that you should consider staying in:


It’s the capital city of China; therefore, it’s the political, cultural, economic, communication, international, and educational center. Due to this you will find any amenity in this city. If you are looking for a good place to eat, there is the roast duck, imperial court food and other great eating joints.

There are many places that you can visit while in the city. For example, you can visit the great wall, Forbidden City, summer palace, Ming Tombs, Hutongs, Temple of heaven and Beijing zoon.

If interested in a hotel to live in, the city has some of the best hotels in the country. For example, there is Hulu hotel, New World Beijing hotel, Red wall Garden hotel, Kerry hotel Beijing, the opposite house, and many others.


It’s located in the southern side of Guadgdong province and it neighbors Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta. Due to its location, Shenzhen is one of the fastest growing cities in China and when you visit it you will be impressed by its fast-paced urban life.

There are many places that you can visit when you are in the city. For example, you can visit Dameisha seaside resort and Thailand Royal Palace also known as the window of the world.

If you want to live for a few days, the city has many great hotels such as Hui, Ritx-Carlton, Futian Shangri, Grand Hyatt, and Intercontinental Shenzhen.


It’s the capital city of Hubei province in central China and it’s situated on jianghan plain. One of the most attractive features of the city is the low cost of living; therefore, if you are visiting China and you are on a low budget this is city that you should consider staying in.

Some of the best hotels in Wuhan are: Wanda Reign, the PuYu hotel, Marco Polo, Howard Johnson pearl plaza, Shangri-La hotel, Wanda Realm and Ramada plaza.

There are many places that you can visit when you are visiting Wuhan. Some of the best places to visit are: Jin Zhu Temple, sculpture, yellow crane tower, and Bronze vessel.


These are some of the best places to stay while in China. If you are planning of staying in a hotel, you should book early in order to not only be assured of a room to stay in, but to also attract great discounts.

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Choosing a Destination for the Best Caribbean Holiday

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It’s easy to be seduced by the promise of Caribbean luxury hotels. Many are based in stunning locations and offer the ultimate luxury holiday experience. But even if the origin of the idea is clear, choosing a specific location might end up being rather more of a challenge.

This information may help.

Where is the region?

For a start, different people have rather varying ideas as to where the Caribbean actually is. If that sounds ludicrous in the days of global SATNAV, it’s attributable to the fact that the area can be defined in different ways including: geographic areas; geo-political associations; economic areas; advertising and marketing domains.

Strictly speaking, it’s a sea that sits to the south of Cuba, Haiti and Puerto Rico and includes islands such as Jamaica, St Lucia and Grenada. However, in terms of holidays, it’s sometimes ‘stretched’ as a term to include the Bahamas and on some maps even the Florida Keys. Some people have even shown Bermuda as being a Caribbean holiday destination when it is, in fact, way out into the Atlantic.

Purists might debate these boundaries furiously but for many holiday companies a vast area of ocean is often referred to, albeit incorrectly, and you’ll see Caribbean luxury hotels advertised almost everywhere within it.

Choosing a destination

So, how to go about choosing where you will go? One start point might be on the background culture of the island. Some have a huge legacy of Spanish culture, such as Cuba. Others may owe much more to French tradition, with St. Lucia being a good example. Whatever their background culture, much of the area was once incorporated into the British Empire and, as such, the UK has left its mark.

Of course, many colonial powers also brought African slaves into the region to work the plantations and other enterprises. Consequently, various African cultures have also merged into the regional cultures to create a unique hybrid. Yet as anyone who knows the region will tell you, each island – and sometimes parts of each island – has their own distinct culture. For example, Bermuda simply cannot be compared to St. Lucia – it’s not that one is better than the other, just that they’re very different.

You should research the culture of an island and see whether or not it catches your attention, remembering that culture affects things such as cuisine, nightlife and so on.

Another thing you might want to consider is the weather. True, almost everywhere will be able to rightly claim ‘great weather’, but in reality, if you check the statistics, you’ll see that the average weather can vary considerably from one island to another. In particular, look out for the wind and rain figures. Much of the area has a ‘rainy season’, though in many cases this is notional and represents the occasional 30-minute heavy shower with bags of glorious sunshine before and after. Even so, it’s worth looking into – particularly if you’re into beach life. Some islands have rather more protracted wet and windy seasons than others and that might be an important selection criterion when you’re booking Caribbean luxury hotels.

Wherever your destination, you can be sure of plenty of Caribbean luxury hotels to choose from and that you’ll find this fabulous region every bit as wonderful as its reputation.

How To Plan A Holiday Trip To New York

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New York, the city which never sleeps, has always been on my list of “Cities to Visit.” Before the last year ended, I planned to visit New York with my wife. Though I’m good at planning trips I’m really bad at making bookings for the hotel or the airlines so I asked her to get the ticket reservations done.

To my surprise, she booked only one ticket which was for me and the other one she bought that through the miles program “earn united miles,” we travel mostly from united airlines so we had a huge stack of miles which she consumed to buy her own ticket. This way we saved money of one separate ticket which we planned to use for shopping and restaurant hunting in New York.

Here I want to share with you how I planned our trip to New York as I mentioned above that I’m good at planning trips, I did the same for this trip as well. So here is how we did it and you can follow this for having a nice vacation.

When To Visit New York City?

Overall New York is the best city to visit all year round, but I think each season in New York have its own perks and disadvantages for visiting.

I particularly like to travel in the winter season so winters are great for those who want to experience the holiday season in New York and are not much bothered with the cold. Spring on the other hand is also a good season to visit as you don’t have to face the summer heat but you might need to pack the umbrella. Summer is great for those who want to take the advantage of free events in this city, despite the fact that summers are hard to tolerate in New York.

My Choice: So because I love the winter season I chose to travel in early December and spend my Christmas in New York with my wife and believe me it was an amazing experience of my life.

How To Reach New York?

If you live in US and you are in the neighboring cities of New York you can easily travel by car, train, bus or plane, if you are new in the city then I’ll suggest you travel by plane. Travelling by train, bus or car won’t cost you much, but if you are travelling through the air, then you may want to search for the best deals on airfares to reach New York.

My Choice: I chose to visit New York via airplane; it’s easy and comfortable to travel through the airline.

Where To Reside In New York?

In New York you will find all kinds of accommodation from luxury hotels to cheap hotels, bed and breakfast inns to single tourist hostel, New York has accommodation for every kind of traveler. I wanted to lodge at a budget-friendly hotel so these were the options which I had in front of me.

1. Chelsea Savoy Hotel
2. Cosmopolitan Hotel-Tribeca
3. The Gershwin
4. Colonial House Inn

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